Instrument Rental Program
We have simplified our new 2-month contract! It is easy to read, has all inclusive prices, and still comes with our Comprehensive Maintenance Program! Take a look at the details and stop by The Master Musician for exceptionally friendly service!

Rent to Own
1) Minimum 2-month rental term required, and monthly thereafter.
2) Return instrument anytime after 2 month rental term.
3) 1st month's rent is due immediately. 2nd month's rent is due in approximately 30 days.
4) One time set up fee of $20 due at signing.
5) Rent to Own: All rentals at The Master Musician are designed for you to own the instrument. Every payment, excluding the CMP, goes towards your balance due on the instrument.  Keep the instrument until paid in full or return at any time with no obligation after the first two months.
6) Exchange your rental instrument for a band instrument of equal or greater value at any time. *Based on availability.

Comprehensive Maintenance Program (CMP)
While you are renting an instrument from us, all repairs must be performed by our experienced Repair Technicians. The included CMP charge covers the instrument for any repairs needed to keep it in playing condition. The fees for this program are built into the monthly rental price. ***Please note: CMP charges do not apply to the purchase of the instrument.

Billing Options
1) Automatic payment via credit or debit card.
2) Web payment via our website.
3) Payment coupons allow you to mail in your payment

4) Call or stop by The Master Musician and make a payment.

Early Purchase Option
Pay off your instrument within the first 4 months and receive 25% OFF your balance due!

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