Kirk Pasley


Kirk S. Pasley was born and raised in Fairfield, CA. He started playing trumpet at the age of 10. He would later go on to play Tuba, Euphonium and various other instruments. After one semester in community college and playing lead trumpet for the U.C. Davis Jazz Ensemble, Kirk decided to join the Marine Corps and passed the audition to be in the Marine Corps Band. After a lateral move he spent the rest of his time as an Aircraft Maintenance Administration Clerk and Aircraft Data Analyst. After 8 years of active duty Kirk decided to end his Marine Corps career and pursue his passion of music. Kirk is currently attending Palomar College pursuing his degrees in Music Education and Music Performance. He performs with the Jazz Ensemble, Palomar Symphony Orchestra, and Palomar Brass Ensemble. Currently he is studying under Jonathan Ingber in the Palomar Applied Music Program.

To schedule lessons with Kirk Pasley, please call The Master Musician at 951-677-7575.

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