Kevin Hitchcock

Piano, Guitar and Drums

Kevin Hitchcock holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music/Education. He is a credentialed teacher authorized by the California Department of Education. Hitchcock has over a decade of teaching experience as full time faculty with Inland Valley Public Schools. As an educator, Hitchcock has taught hundreds of students, ranging from very young children through adults. He specializes in tailoring each lesson to the individual needs and interests of his students. He likes to teach the fundamentals of music and theory, but in a fun way. As a performer, Hitchcock has played virtually all styles of music and is a current performer. He has been involved in recording and live shows of music ranging from World Beat to Classic Rock, Classical to Grunge, and Jazz to Hip Hop or Metal. So, whether you want to learn to play around the house, or in a school setting, or in a band with friends, Hitchcock can get you where you want to be to achieve your goals.

To schedule lessons with Kevin Hitchcock, call The Master Musician Murrieta @951-677-7575.

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