About The Master Musician

It takes a special person to form an idea and then make that idea a reality. Becoming a small business owner is a great honor because you know that you are apart of the courageous that have stepped outside of the norm to pursue a dream. There are obstacles to overcome. Challenges to face. But when you start to see the payoff of all your hard work, there is nothing you would have done differently. Our country stands upon the backs of all the small businesses that start with one person. Here is our story...

The Master Musician's founder is Phil Pike. As a child, he took trumpet lessons and discovered his love for music. He practiced for hours everyday until he became one of the best. He understood that his natural talent needed to be cultivated into a professional sound. Out of high school, he proudly served 14 years in the U.S. Marine Corp Band. During that time, he took Karen Hale to be his wife. They have 6 children together. During an unfortunate accident in the military, Mr. Pike was medically discharged from the Marine Corps. He had to do what most people do everyday, think outside the box and find a way to provide for his family with the knowledge and abilities that God had given him.  

In 1993, he continued to pursue his passion for music by attending Red Wing Technical College in Minnesota to study Band Instrument Repair. Upon graduating, Mr. Pike moved his family to Anaheim, California where he worked as the brass tech at Anaheim Band Instruments (now Music & Arts in Anaheim) for 5 years. There he perfected his skills in band instrument repair. He also saw the diligence and hard work it took to run that family owned business. This sparked a desire in him to become a small business owner in order to give his family a more promising future.

In 1998, Phil, his wife, and their two youngest children moved to Menifee, California. They opened a home-based, band instrument repair business in their garage. A few years later, their family moved to Murrieta and opened a shop in an industrial part of Temecula. This housed the machines and equipment necessary to repair instruments and provided individual lesson rooms. The business grew and they expanded to include rentals, sales, and more lessons. Eventually, the need for an actual retail store became evident. In July 2006, The Master Musician opened its first storefront on Murrieta Hot Springs Rd. With much support from local band directors and the community, the store got off to a great start.

In 2009, the business was moved up the street to a more easily accessible location. In April of 2017, a second location was added in Palm Springs, California. Presently, the company proudly employs around 15 people who are all working together to provide a wide array of knowledge about the instruments they service, as well as foster a love for playing music. They constantly strive to improve every year in customer service, repair, and building music appreciation in our community. Thank you for supporting The Master Musician!


   Karen and Phil Pike, Owners