Vandoren Alto Saxophone Jazz Reed Mix Card

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Vandoren Alto Saxophone Jazz Reed Mix Card

Model # SRMIXA3.5

Find Your Voice

Every player has a unique voice. Helping you find yours is what we do best. One of these reeds is perfect for you. Find your reed, and your voice will follow.



Brilliant, more punchy sound, suitable for all new styles of music

Launched in 1993 to meet the demand of American jazz musicians “a JAVA reed with even more wood”.

V16 reeds have a thicker end and a longer paddle than traditional reeds. Brighter, more impactful sound, particularly well suited to all new styles of music.

Java "Filed - Red Cut"

JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” reeds offer a full, dense and compact tone

To offer more choices to musicians while retaining the qualities of the Java universe, these were the objectives that governed the design of this reed.

More flexible than its predecessor, a little more body, the JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” offers a full, dense and compact sound and guarantees excellent projection as well as great precision in attacks


JAVA reeds vibrate over a larger area than traditional reeds, with maximum elasticity

Created in 1983 for jazz and variety. A thicker end, a more flexible pallet * than traditional reeds allow it to vibrate on a larger surface with maximum elasticity.

This type of spine provides great flexibility in the musician's play, since the elasticity area is very large.

Palette: zone where the waves propagate with the greatest amplitude. Starting from the end, the waves are damped further in the JAVA reed.


the ZZ jazz reeds offer a perfect balance with an extraordinary color of sound

Designed in 2002, the ZZ jazz reeds offer great ease of emission while preserving the resonance and brilliance of the timbre, essential for this style of music.

The perfect balance of this reed gives it an extraordinary color of sound, excellent response and great longevity.

For more information on these reeds and how the compair to other Vandoren reeds please visit our Vandoren Saxophone Reed Technical Elements page.

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